Napkin manufacturer & supplier in Kolkata

A napkin is a little piece of cloth used for wiping the mouth and covering the lap to prevent food stains on apparel.

At Param Textiles, we are the largest napkin manufacturer & exporter in India.  We make them from pure cotton & linen fabric. They come in a variety of colours that can easily adapt to the room and table design. These are delicate, long-lasting and have a soft glow that adds a touch of refinement and luxury. We are the top cotton & linen napkin manufacturer & wholesale supplier in Kolkata, India. We are well-known for our clean finish, prints, colours, tear-resistance and sleek appearance napkins.

Our napkins are ideal for any event like lunch or dinner parties or gatherings. As an exporter, we can supply these to restaurants, hotels or home décor store chains with custom branding and logo. We use the traditional silk screen printing method. Please note we only deal with the bulk and customised orders only.