Cotton Mesh Bags

Cotton mesh bags exporter in Kolkata

The food we carry in plastic bags can get contaminated by dangerous substances of plastic. Using them is not a sustainable option too! To solve these issues related with plastic bags, carrying fruits & veggies on cotton mesh bags can be the best choice.

At Param Textiles, we are one of the leading cotton mesh bags manufacturer in India. We have our ODM production facility situated in Kolkata, India. We manufacture exceptional quality cotton mesh bags using only the highest quality cotton mesh fabric. They are reusable, washable and are much durable than single-usage plastic bags. Air circulation inside these bag is gets a boost by the air permeability, which is essential for storing fruit and vegetables. We are the most reputed cotton mesh bags manufacturer in Kolkata.

Nowadays, cotton mesh bags are frequently used in supermarkets as well as local grocery stores as a healthier alternative to plastic bags. As we are a cotton mesh bags manufacturer, we can make customised mesh bags with custom size requirements. We can also add drawstring closures if required. Using global delivery service providers, we can export them to any corner of the globe. For our International buyers, we promise that every mesh bag you buy from us will leave you completely satisfied.