Cotton Tote

Cotton tote manufacturer & wholesaler in Kolkata

A tote is a kind of bag that offers a lot of functionality. They are often made with lightweight fabric such as cotton.

At Param Textiles, we are a leading cotton tote manufacturer in India. We make exceptional-quality cotton totes in our Kolkata-based ODM facility. These tote bags are strong, reusable and have lots of versatility. They have attractiveness due to the texture and feel of the cloth. These are durable, reusable and cost-effective - appealing to both retail buyers and designer labels – they never go out of fashion. We are a well-known cotton tote manufacturer in Kolkata. We use screen printing technology for printing custom artwork.

We have the option to customise the handle size, inner or outer pocket configuration and logo or artwork. Cotton tote bags with custom logos can easily be used as a gifting item in any company event or giveaway as a promotional or marketing strategy. We can offer our buyers a better price than China or Bangladesh in terms of quality.